Ever since I was a young boy, I loved the written word, and I was most fascinated by the lesser-known authors whose work intrigued, educated, and inspired me. They shared a zeal for something so strong, they had to write about it. I write because I share that same ideal. A passion that will move the pen—not popularity.


My passions for ring finding and treasure hunting have taken me to the most amazing places in the world and have allowed me to take part in many once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I write so you, the reader, can join me in the search for your own passion; the real treasure.

Ring Finder_cover_for web.jpg
The Ring Finder

Ring finding is one of the most exciting and fascinating hobbies for today’s metal detectorists. And if you know what to do, it can be quite lucrative. Written by professional treasure hunter and accomplished ring finder, Steve Zazulyk, this book will walk you through how to take an enjoyable hobby and turn it into a profitable gratuity-based service.

Beginners to well-seasoned detectorists will learn what equipment to use, which techniques work best, and how to distinguish the sound of gold from other metals. You will be equipped with the knowledge to navigate through each situation, from advertising your service and growing your client base, to locating the ring, capturing the “moment,” and receiving your gratuity.

This book is a great resource for the soon-to-be treasure hunters and for those wanting to expand their ring finding skills.